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A sports and wellness complex located on the first shoreline of the sea. It comprises three towers - A, B, and C, connected by a shared podium, as well as a separate building that will house an international brand's wellness center.


A unique project that brings together the international hotel brand Hyatt Centric and the region's first World Trade Center exhibition space. The project is located in the prestigious part of Batumi, on the first shoreline, just 50 meters from the sea.
By focusing on the sector's development and introducing revolutionary approaches to it, Alliance Group creates:
$1 065 000 000
Total Investment value
2 200 000 sq.m.
In more than
  • The quintessential investment product;
  • Multifunctional projects of international importance;
  • World-class architectural pieces.

Alliance Group Development Company in Georgia

Unlocking the Investment Potential in Apartments with Aliance Group

Generally, the main concept of Alliance Group projects is that they are designed for rental. When it comes to the management of the apartment, from the total revenue generated by rental, the company share will be 40%, and the owner's share - 60%. The share of management company will cover all the costs related to rental (cleaning, bills, marketing, etc.). So 60% is the owner's net profit.

The investment payback period is approx. 8-10 years. For a studio-type apartment, the expected price per night is $85 (annual average), while the expected average occupancy rate is 62%. After deducting the expenses (the share of the management), the pure profit of the apartment owner equals $10,000 - $ 11,000 on average.

Please, note, that these numbers are not fixed/guaranteed, however, they are based on the market research, conducted by the international management company that will run the whole process and they are quite realistic, taking into account the huge experience of the management company, hotel facilities, as well as an exquisite location of the project itself.
Alliance Group Partners
The developer Alliance Group collaborates with major global companies in the field of construction and hotel and tourism management
"Marriott International" is a leading global hotel network encompassing more than 8 000 hotels and other properties in 139 countries.
The Wyndham Hotel Group is the world's largest hotel network, encompassing more than 9 000 properties with a totalт of 845 000 hotel rooms in 95 countries across the world.
Сommonly known as Hyatt Hotels & Resorts is a leading global hospitality company that manages and franchises luxury and business hotels, resorts, and all-inclusive vacation properties in 71 countries.
The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) is a network of more than 300 highly-connected, mutually-supporting businesses and organizations in nearly 100 countries.
Aimbridge Hospitality is an international management company. The portfolio of an American brand includes 1500 hotels in 23 countries and 50 states.
Is an international management company of an American brand-house that collaborates with global hotel chains, such as Marriott International and Hilton International.
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