Alliance Renaissance Kobuleti

Apartments for Sale in the Sports and Wellness Complex Alliance Renaissance, Located in the Climatic and Balneological Resort of Adjara, Kobuleti, Georgia, on the First Shoreline of the Sea
Kobuleti, a Seaside Climatic and Balneological Resort - the Ideal Place for Relaxation and Real Estate Investment in Adjara.

With its 12-kilometer pebble beach along the Black Sea coastline, crystal-clear seawater, pine forests, and a humid subtropical climate, Kobuleti offers perfect conditions for relaxation and recreation, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world every year.

Kobuleti is enriched with breathtaking, pristine nature, remarkable landscapes, and ancient cultural and historical landmarks of Georgia. The resort is surrounded by three protected areas: Kobuleti, Kinti, and the Mtirala National Park."

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Project Description: Alliance Renaissance in Kobuleti

Alliance Renaissance in Kobuleti - a Unique Sports and Wellness Complex Located in the Resort Area of Adjara, on the Shores of the Black Sea.

The complex comprises three towers - A, B, and C, connected by a common podium, as well as a separate building for an international brand wellness center.

  • Tower A - 28 floors
  • Tower B - 36 floors
  • Tower C - 44 floors
  • Wellness Center - 14 floors

The delivery of Block A is scheduled for September 2026. As of September 2023, construction of the underground parking facility is in progress.

Thanks to its location and exclusive infrastructure, Alliance Renaissance offers every property owner and vacationer an array of opportunities for relaxation, along with access to rare treatments, therapies, and various sports activities, ensuring the project's occupancy and appeal."

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Gallery: Alliance Renaissance in Kobuleti

Become an Apartment Owner in an Ultra-Modern Complex in Kobuleti, one of the Most Attractive and Profitable Real Estate Projects on the Entire Coastline of Adjara!"

Advantages of Buying Apartments in Alliance Renaissance at the Initial Construction Stage

  • The Lowest Price Category (Starting at $1400/sq. m);
  • A Wide Selection of Apartments;
  • Flexible Payment Options: 30% Down Payment and 36-Month Installment Plan!
Alliance Renaissance Kobuleti ROI

Apartment Sales Now Open in Block A, Floors 12 to 25. Sizes ranging from 30 to 106 sq. m. Prices starting from $1400 to $2600 per sq. m.
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Investment Economics in Alliance Renaissance Apartments

According to the core concept, the project is designed for apartment rental to generate profits.

The management company's share of the total income from property rental is 40%, while the owner's share is 60%. The management company's share includes all expenses related to rentals (cleaning, utilities, marketing, etc.). Therefore, 60% represents the owner's net profit.

The return on investment is expected to take approximately 8-10 years. For studio-type properties, the expected nightly rate averages $85 over the year, with an anticipated average occupancy of 62%. After deducting expenses (including the management company's share), the owner's net profit averages $10,000 - $11,000 per year.

Please note that these figures are not fixed or guaranteed, but they are based on market research conducted by an international management company that will oversee the entire process. These forecasts are quite realistic, given the extensive experience of the management company, the resort's infrastructure, and the premium service and location of the property project.

Infrastructure of Alliance Renaissance in Kobuleti

Infrastructure of Alliance Renaissance in Kobuleti

Sports and Wellness Center of Alliance Renaissance in Kobuleti

The distinctive feature of the multifunctional project Alliance Renaissance is the 14-story sports and wellness center of an international brand, where apartment owners and vacationers can embrace a healthy, modern lifestyle.

By harnessing the synthesis of Kobuleti's unique climatic and balneological purpose, diverse natural landscapes, and the sports and wellness infrastructure of Alliance Renaissance, we are creating an innovative wellness concept for the region.

The project encompasses a variety of rare health therapies and procedures in the following areas:

  • Climatotherapy: Leveraging the region's climate for health benefits.
  • Balneotherapy: Utilizing the therapeutic properties of mineral waters.
  • Thalassotherapy: Incorporating sea-based treatments for well-being.
  • Phytotherapy: Using plant-based treatments for health and relaxation.
  • Spa & Wellness: Providing a complete spa experience for rejuvenation.
  • Physical Activities: Offering a range of sports and fitness options.
  • Nutrition & Healthy Dining: Promoting well-balanced eating habits.
  • Mind & Body Wellness: Focusing on mental and emotional health.
Sports and Wellness Center of Alliance Renaissance in Kobuleti
Sports and Wellness Center of Alliance Renaissance in Kobuleti
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