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Apartments for sale in a resort complex on the seashore in Kobuleti. From $950/sq.m.

Types of Real Estate Property in Kobuleti

Prime Investment Property For Sale in Kobuleti

Take the opportunity to become the owner of an apartment within one of Kobuleti's internationally renowned multifunctional complexes. Engage with the region's largest and most reputable developers, making your real estate investment a truly valuable experience.

Rest assured that all transactions are conducted directly with the real estate developer, with no additional commission fees.

Buy a House with Land in Kobuleti

Explore the Best Villas and Houses in Kobuleti: Your Ideal Space and Comfort for Permanent Residency or Investment.

KOBULETI GEO provides a commitment to both the quality of your new home and a secure transaction when you purchase real estate, all without any commission fees.

Buy an Apartment in Kobuleti

Seaside Living at Its Finest: Exceptional Apartments in Prime Kobuleti Locations with Scenic Sea Views

Quality Assurance and Commission-Free Secure Transactions: Your Trustworthy Partner - KOBULETI GEO

Hotels For Sale in Kobuleti

Prime Investment Opportunities: Own a Hotel in Kobuleti Directly from Owners, No Commission Fees.

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Land for sale in Kobuleti

Land plots in Kobuleti are in increasing demand amid the growing popularity of real estate in Kobuleti in general. We will help you find and purchase a plot for your budget and goals.

KOBULETI GEO guarantees a clean and secure transaction when buying real estate.


Get better acquainted with the resort town of Kobuleti, discover all of its attractions, stay updated on the latest news from the region, and the real estate market of Kobuleti.

    KOBULETI GEO: Your Trusted Real Estate Partner

    We are here to expertly navigate the Kobuleti real estate market, assisting you in selecting and acquiring the ideal property under the most advantageous conditions!
    • Quality Real Estate from KOBULETI GEO
      We specialize exclusively in high-quality real estate in Kobuleti. All properties are meticulously selected by our experts. These are clean and cozy villas with gardens and orchards, as well as apartments in new, modern homes near the sea.
    • Sales from Owners with No Commission
      When you purchase real estate through KOBULETIGEO.COM, you connect directly with the property owner or developer. We do not impose any additional commission on the buyer; our services are fully supported by the seller.
    • Consultation and Assistance
      We will assist you in selecting and reserving real estate properties in Kobuleti remotely. Additionally, we offer airport pickup services at Batumi Airport, ensuring your smooth transfer to a pre-booked hotel in Kobuleti. We'll arrange property viewings based on your preferences and provide support throughout the entire real estate purchase process, from the initial steps to the final property transfer and ownership rights transition.
    • Guaranteed Safe Transactions and Document Assistance
      We will assist you in drafting the purchase agreement for your house or apartment, facilitate payments through your preferred method (including cryptocurrencies), and guide you through the process of acquiring ownership rights to your real estate.

    Kobuleti: The Optimal Choice for Real Estate Investment

    Kobuleti is a Gem on the Black Sea Coast in Georgia's Adjara Region. A Haven for Tourists and Investors Alike, Thanks to its Unparalleled Beauty, Well-Established Infrastructure, and Real Estate Investment Prospects.
    • An Exceptional Location
      Kobuleti is a Seaside Paradise with Subtropical Climate and Breathtaking Scenery
    • Unleash the Tourism Potential
      Kobuleti's High Demand Among Tourists and the Rise of Multifunctional International Complexes on the Coastal Skyline
    • Robust Infrastructure
      The city boasts excellent infrastructure, encompassing a wide array of restaurants, shops, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.
    • Steadfast Political Stability
      Kobuleti, just a 30-minute drive from Batumi in Adjara, stands as Georgia's most tranquil and politically unambitious region, offering a haven of peace and stability.

    Why is it advantageous to buy property in Kobuleti today?

    Kobuleti: Gateway to the Reviving Coastline!

    Kobuleti, a cozy resort town on the Black Sea coast, is currently experiencing a period of rapid development and has become a magnet for investors and those looking to acquire real estate by the sea.

    Kobuleti offers a unique opportunity for real estate investors. With its developed infrastructure, world-class construction, and convenient air connections, this region has become a true gem on the Black Sea coastline. With the growth in tourism and investments, one can anticipate a steady increase in property values in Kobuleti in the coming years. This is the moment for investors to seize the opportunity and invest in the future of this promising resort town.

    Developed Infrastructure and World-Class Real Estate in Kobuleti

    Today, the Kobuleti coastline is experiencing a real construction boom. Numerous hotels and resort complexes are being built by globally renowned corporations, ensuring a high level of comfort and service for visitors. The construction of these large-scale projects also gives the region a modern appearance and enhances its overall appeal.

    Convenient Air Connections

    Another significant advantage is the presence of direct air connections between World's important Cities and Batumi, which is just a 30-minute drive from Kobuleti. This makes traveling to the region easy and convenient for those coming from other countries. Direct flights save time and effort, making Kobuleti accessible to tourists and investors from around the world.

    Prospects for Real Estate Value Growth in Kobuleti

    With the active construction and infrastructure development, property prices in Kobuleti have the potential to significantly increase over the next 3-5 years. The construction of large resort complexes is attracting attention from both tourists and investors, which is driving up the demand for housing. According to statistics, property prices in Kobuleti have already started to show growth, and this is just the beginning of a long-term trend.
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